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Each company is unique, and investors know it. You already understand why your company deserves investor attention. Our job is to let buyers know exactly what makes you stand out from your competitors. At Information Solutions Group, your campaign will be fully custom-tailored to your company sector and story. Our goal is to establish credibility for your company by creating and distributing informative, useful and professional content.

Custom Research Report

Information Solutions Group will create a custom report for your company from publically available information. This information can include filing, press releases, and websites, among other sources. Reports are normally 8-10 pages long and include market research statistics, charts, figures and images. Your report will give a concise view of your company to potential investors. The report will be published as a free PDF download on our and our affiliates' websites, and will be announced to our subscriber list. Optionally, it can be announced via press release by you.

Video Distribution

We can also distribute video over the internet. Video is an optimal choice of medium because it is picked up quickly by search engines. Experience shows us that people pay greater attention to video and give it greater credibility than other media. We will distribute video content to more than 100 different websites, blogs, video sites, article sites, bookmarking sites, social media, and podcast directories. Once these videos are "seeded," they can be picked up by numerous sources and be redistributed. It is common for our listings to dominate the search engines for the terms we target.

Our content and video services are the foundation of your custom campaign, and they will introduce potential investors to the nuances of your company.

Website Coverage

Starting the day you join, we will provide your company with extensive coverage on our main sites. Within days, you will also be covered on up to 15 other affiliate websites. Our informational websites encompass all corporate information, centralizing an entire visual presentation of your company for the public. This eliminates or reduces the need for investor kit mailings, allowing your company maximum exposure in the timeliest manner available.

Once your information is posted on our main sites, the buzz begins. On day two, we attract a larger audience. We send out a alerts via our electronic newsletter. Within your first week, the buzz will be at full capacity, operating to provide maximum exposure for your company. All of our contact lists are comprised of signups from our websites.

Our opt-in e-mail campaigns are sent to spam-free prospective investor lists. Recipients of the e-mails will find information highlighting your company's business plan, progress, and aspirations. We will also send copies of any press releases as they become available.

Our internet presence makes us widely available to you and your potential investors, increasing your chance of making a connection.