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Information Solutions Group has been working for businesses, like yours, for over 17 years.  We are investor consultants who work for undervalued companies, looking for access to high net worth investors.


We start by interviewing leadership and putting together a concise and powerful investor deck that we can share quickly and efficiently with our investors.

Expose Investment

Once we have the right strategy we go out to our network of HNW investors with your offering. From there, we can identify those with the greatest appetite for your deal and use a more targeted marketing approach.

Accomplish Goals

Together we have defined goals and aligned a strategy to meet or exceed expectations. We are looking forward to celebrating with you, as we hit those milestones.

Featured Companies

We have worked with 100s of clients, these are just a few of the past successes.

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Interested in getting in touch with our high net worth investors or just want to discuss future finance options.  Shoot us a note today!


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