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First off, we know you have a lot of choices and get many solicitations regarding IR/PR services and we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Depending on if you have come to terms, or if you are still on the fence, I would like to share with you some important points to consider when working with any group. Recently OTCBB has put out information about stock marketing company’s and to be fair it was quite scary until you read it. I am proud to say that ISG hasn’t violated any of these rules in the past, present, or future.

If you haven’t seen this letter then you can view it here:
Stock Promotion Letter

You can also read their policy on stock promotion here:

Our goal isn’t to hide it from you, but to show you the risks involved with working with other companies as well as assure you that we will never break any of these rules, whether they are law or not. They are looking for these flags, and we see them and avoid them daily.

1.We have been in business for 15+ years. In those 15 years, we have never been involved with any government agency or even accused of any wrongdoing. This is important as most of our competitors cannot say the same. While we agree everyone is innocent until proven guilty we would prefer to not even be in that room. Our goal is to keep our clients out of that room as well.
2.All marketing that we do is fully disclaimed. We have never participated in an “anonymous campaign” We will cite the person or entity that pays us every single time. We have always done this and continue to do it is “business as usual”. We also indicate if we have any stock in the company that we are marketing and what our intentions are with it.
3.We do not use social marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to market stock. We can help with finding new subscribers to your current social media sites. Beware of those who do claim to increase volume with social media. There is nowhere to fully and properly disclaim client payment on those sites. You should be leery of anyone who advertises that they do that. While I am not aware of any big crackdowns into Twitter or Facebook stock promotion, I can see it coming, and it is clear others are looking for it, so we avoid it at all costs. While one might say, it hurts our ability to reach as many people as possible, we feel it is more important to follow the letter of the law than to teeter on one side or the other. Further in our history, we have found it to be ineffective with unnecessary risk.
4.Unlike most firms, we DO take stock. However, keep in mind that the parameters needed to meet a stock payment client are very high and time-consuming. If you are interested in using stock as payment, give yourself a 6-month window. During that 6-month period, we will do our due diligence into the certification and company to ensure that we know where it has been every step of the way. Stock certs are not the open checkbooks they once were, and we will include the necessary steps to ensure a legal transaction for both of us. This, of course, is at no additional cost to you.
5.The investors that we solicit over the internet and the telephone are “opt-in” users. Meaning, that at one point or another they have requested stock trading information from us. This practice protects you from any of the SPAM laws that OTCBB is aggressively attacking. None of our mailings are SPAM ever. As a matter of fact, to further protect our clients any e-mail or electronic communication we send out ONLY goes to people who have not only once, opted it…but twice!

Knowing the rules as well as the rights of your business goes a long way toward positively and legally marketing your company. This is not something we take lightly and can assure you the best results in the proper way.