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Why are you putting out press? 

The main purposes of a press release are:

  1. To inform investors of the ongoings and filings in your company
  2. To let the media/PR/IR know about an event, hoping it will pass the information along.
  3.  To let the media/PR/IR know about your business, hoping a reporter will see a story in your press release and write an actual news article about it. 
  4. To help promote your business’ appearance on the Internet via blogs, websites, and social networks. It is direct readership publicity

With the exception of press releases required by regulations, most of the press that gets put out every day is done with the desire to gain market activity.  Literally thousands of companies put out press every single day.  PR Newswire and Business Newswire put out 1000 EACH!  Each press release costs you $250-$1000 depending on the reach, and if no one looks at it, what good does it do?

Now, here is the crazy part. It is very unlikely that your press release will stick out amongst people who read press releases and furthermore from the thousands that go out every day. Worse yet, most of the time the email address on the press release is a junk address and the phone number listed is seldom answered.  Not only are you not getting the attention you might deserve, but you are not even allowing the influencers to get a hold of you, in order to get you that activity.

With that said, if you are serious about your company and its news, and want to see actual results from your hard work, then give me a call today.  We have an excellent introductory marketing program that can take any news you put out and get it in front of a specific group of investors who are interested in small-cap stock.  They’re not going through 1000s of press releases.  They are following our lead.  This won’t cost you a ton, and you will see results that day!  We handpick who they should look at, and put your information right at their front door.  No searching necessary.  The employment of our newsletter also shows investors that you are more serious than the company that relies on a press release miracle. 

We don’t charge a lot because it is our belief that once you see the results, you will involve us in all future press releases.  Most of our clients are repeat clients, which is the best reference I can give.