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Over the past 20 years, before I can even get into goals and benchmarks with clients on the phone, I am often plainly asked, “What does it cost?”  Instead of dodging the question… here you go…If you want long term, effective, and tangible results, Quality investor relations will cost your company $100,000 to start. This is to just get out of the gates.

There it is.  No sugar coating.  No Nonsense.  If you hear otherwise you are being lied to.  Now, can we spread this over 6 months to a year or 2?  Sure.  Do we need to collect it all at once?  No.  Rest assured that if you are not committed to marketing at this level, then you will likely find yourself running through small budget “firms” that will produce nothing.  Sure, you only spend $5000 or less, but wouldn’t you rather invest $100,000 and get something /anything than throw $5000 in a hole.

Now, I know what you are going to say “Michael, $100,000 is just too high.  We don’t have the budget for this and there is no way to come up with it” I understand.  We aren’t looking for you to come up with that money tomorrow.  What I am looking for is the long-term commitment of companies looking for a real marketing partner.  For example, one of our programs allows us to start at $5000 and take payments of $2500 every two weeks along the way.  You can stop it at any time.  This means you can use our 6-figure marketing engine for only $5000 per month and get $100,000 budget results.   

How this works is that we are sure that you will continue to work with us based solely on results, that we do not need to lock you into any contract because we are prepared to live and die by the stock chart.  You will soon see that you are getting the mature-sized marketing contract results without breaking the bank.