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If an investor marketer and an IRS agent were both drowning, and you could only save one of them, would you go to lunch, or read the paper?

Today I am starting off with a little joke regarding IR professionals. I hope it doesn’t offend, but these posts can get boring. ISG is one of the few who understand the frustration with constant phone calls with the same questions. The most annoying of, is, “Are you looking for more investors?” I have taken a break from phone calls and focused mostly on email and personal relationships.

Of course, everyone is looking for and needs new investors. We often hear a lot of the same issues. Commonly it is the money issue. “We don’t have a budget.” and “We don’t want to pay upfront” Well, of course, you have some budget. The problem is that you don’t have a budget to waste… and we get it.

As for our Canadian clients, we are aware of Canadian laws regarding marketing and we don’t “promote”. All the information we distribute is both factual and public. You are never at risk of being entangled in a legal issue of promoting your stock.

The way we see it is that if you are public you made that choice in order to raise capital. We can help you accomplish that and consult with you to help get you on track with the right attorneys, market makers, marketing professionals, and investors to reach your goals.

Marketing is only expensive if you don’t get anything in return. The list of options and resources we have available will shock you, and they are not just stock related. As an example…Do you know that we can set up (or use an existing) Instagram account and get you real followers that are interested in real companies like yours? Real ones, that are in your demographic and will forward, and share your information. We can do this as a stand-alone service, or it can be included in a full-on marketing package.

Finally, the price is always a concern. If we quote too high we knock a lot of smaller companies out of the box and if we quote too low, clients have a hard time believing that we can be effective.

So, where do we come in?

ISG can do all of that, big and small. You want to trade millions of shares a day…we can do it. However, if paying $170,000 doesn’t appeal to you, we get that too. We know what IR costs and we can keep your expectations aligned with any budget. Try us. Some companies are simply easier and sexier to market than others, this is not in our hands. What we do for each company is specific and different. Don’t want to hand over $100,000 tomorrow? We get it. What we can do is start off at a reasonable rate, and work for your company up along the way, with your budget as we go.

You won’t lose your investment, and we won’t lie to you.

We don’t want to call you, all the time, offering every other opportunity that pops in our head. Call us. Tell us what you need and want and let us put together a fair proposal.