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It's an exciting time for investors, and a trying time for businesses. Almost 19,000 companies trade on major U.S. exchanges. At Information Solutions Group, we are determined to not let the competition stop you. By taking advantage of our services, your company will make full use of its untapped potential.

Information Solutions Group will become your company's active partner. Networkers by nature, we are capable of introducing your company to investors, stockbrokers, fund managers, institutions, market makers and national media outlets. We have the resources to give exposure to your company's trading security while showcasing the products and services that you offer. Taking advantage of our advertising services will give you a competitive edge in the stock market. Of the companies trading in the market today, 9,800 are OTCBB and pinksheets markets. That means that almost half of the companies are in our target area.

Information Solutions Group currently offers Marketing campaign strategies designed to fit the needs and budget for companies of all sizes.

Marketplace Introductions

Information Solutions Group is connected in the stock market community. We are capable of organizing one-on-one meetings between your company and large investors, stockbrokers, money managers, mutual fund managers, market makers, analysts, and newsletter writers and publishers. In addition, we have access to individual investors who will be provided current and accurate information about your company. Our ultimate goal is to increase your internet presence.

Press Releases

Information Solutions Group has worked to develop connections, and will deliver your full-text news to investment terminals worldwide. Our ability to disseminate your company's press releases and news item on a global, national, or industry-specific basis assures that you will be reaching your target market each and every time you release news. Through our marketing associations, we can distribute your company's press releases to thousands of domestic and international media outlets.

Internet Presence

Information Solutions Group has an extended network of internet services. Our approach is to target the largest possible amount of people by hosting several websites and in-house investor lists, rather than just one. This method, combined with our close relationships with strategic partners, will ensure that your goals are met. We also use the internet to distribute your press releases and updates via all leading syndications to databases, online services, and Web sites.Our internet series offers many programs, including profile postings on our high-traffic websites; access to online investors newsletters; and live streaming video and audio clips.

National Radio and Television

Information Solutions Group has access to radio and television outlets as an additional tool for your company's story. With 300 television syndicates and over 200 satellite XM Sirius radio stations you are able to reach millions of additional potential investors.

Shareholder Relations

Information Solutions Group can contact your current shareholders to keep them updated and informed of any corporation developments. As necessary, we will send out press releases, quarterly and annual financial reports, and any other information relative to your company's progress. In doing so, we are able to create and maintain a shareholder communications database that can be used for timely correspondence in the future.


Disclosure is the distribution of material information to the marketplace. Material information, simply defined, can be anything that might influence an investor to make a buy, hold, or sell decision. At Information Solutions Group, we will make sure that any and all information is distributed to as many media outlets (both traditional and electronic) as possible, insuring that everyone's information needs are met: the sell-side and buy-side analysts, fund managers, and other institutional and retail investors.

Web Site Modeling and Development

Whether you already have a corporate web page that needs enhancement or you need one to be developed and maintained, Information Solutions Group can facilitate all aspects of your Internet presence. We will help you create and design a website, providing all the site management necessary (including hosting, reporting and monitoring). We will then promote the site and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in order to get you a high listing in major search engines. We can also attach micro-sites which are dedicated to press releases.

Research Reports

Information Solutions Group can develop a professional, comprehensive, corporate overview and research report. This overview will highlight your company's strengths, current filings, and latest developments. This report can then be sent directly to current shareholders, potential new investors, and the professional investment community at large.

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